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Retain moisture and breathe easier with a CPAP humidifier. If you're curious whether a CPAP humidifier will fit your CPAP machine, chat with our CPAP experts now! Read More

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  • Transcend CPAP Heated Humidifier


    Transcend® CPAP Heated Humidifier

    By Somnetics    Item #: 503064    HCPCS Code:

    Transcend® CPAP Heated Humidifier includes the Heated Humidifier, Power Cord and Transcend® CPAP Heated Humidifier Instructions.

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  • Z1 Heat Moisture Exchanger


    Z1™ Heat Moisture Exchanger

    By Human Design Medical    Item #: HD60-2100    HCPCS Code:

    The Z1™ Heat Moisture Exchanger helps deflect dryness by taking the moisture and heat from exhalation and returning them to the airflow.

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Make CPAP Breathing Easier with a CPAP Humidifier

CPAP humidifiers are fundamental in retaining moisture in the air that is delivered through your CPAP mask, which allows you to breathe easier and make CPAP therapy more comfortable.  While many CPAP machines from The Online CPAP Store come with heated CPAP humidifier accessories, they will eventually need to be replaced. This is why we offer easy order for replace CPAP humidifier parts at the best online prices with FREE SHIPPING over $75!

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